The art of making ham

Making hams is indeed an old art. Cato, in the second century BC, in his book called "De Agricoltura" wrote about its manufacturing technology as well as its delicious sweetness. The reason is the scented air of our hills in Parma MADE IN ITALY TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY Versilia's wind starts from the sea and blows towards us taking the aroma of the pine trees while stroking the karstic mountains of Cisa and is then enriched with the scent of chestnut trees becoming healthy, dry and aromatic.

WE PRODUCE AND SELL ANY TYPE OF HAM The Prosciuttificio Castoldi, born more than half a century ago, has succeeded in integrating tradition and technology, keeping the advantage of old style manufacturing with the guarantees the market wants today. That's our job, our passion, our art, our life and our family.